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Family Centred

Here at Sensational Start, our aim is to provide families with access to a holistic service that supports children’s development from the ground up. We work with children aged 2-18 years and use a family centred approach which means we tailor our support to meet the needs of each family and child as an individual.

A 60-minute caregiver only session is completed with parent/carer prior to us beginning therapy with a child. This allows us to freely discuss the concerns each family identifies, complete assessments and goal setting tools and create a therapy plan that best suits the needs of the child and family.

Appointments are completed weekly or fortnightly for 60 minutes. Your therapist will discuss how often and how long is appropriate for your child. We offer appointments between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. After school appointments are highly sought – our therapists often have a waitlist for after school appointments.


Occupational Therapy

Therapist matching

Our Senior Therapist reviews our waitlist and matches potential clients to the appropriately skilled therapist. Our team is lucky to have a variety of skill sets within our team, allowing for better support for you and your family throughout your therapy journey.

Our therapy team are well supported by our Senior Therapists and receives regular supervision and feedback to ensure that we are continually providing a high level of quality therapy intervention to your child.

Initial appointment

The initial therapy appointment will be completed with just the parents/caregivers. This is a 60 minute appointment usually completed online. Allowing for a thorough discussion of concerns and background without impacting on the positive relationship we want to build with the client. During this session, you may be requested to complete some questionnaires and identify goals for your family.

First Therapy Appointment

During this session we will complete further assessment of your child and start to build a safe relationship with them. This allows us to effectively develop and tailor our therapy plans to the needs of your child and family.

Therapy Support Plan

Following this a Therapy Support Plan will be developed outlining the goals you have identified and what strategies we will be using to address these goals. We will further identify a therapy continuity plan in the case of COVID isolation, or other occurrences which might impact on the regularity of appointments. A new service agreement (for NDIS participants) will be completed at this point outlining the therapy plan and cost.

Therapy Appointments

Depending on the goals identified therapy will be completed in the appropriate environment. This might be in the clinic, home or community. Sessions are 60 minutes with 45 minutes completed face to face and the remaining time used to complete notes and planning for the following session as well as COVID safe cleaning. Sessions notes are sent to caregivers following each appointment.

School Observations/Consults

Your therapist will identify whether a school observation will be beneficial to your child’s therapy plan. At times there may be challenges occurring in the education setting where it would be of benefit to have to OT consult with the school.

Home Observations/Consults

We encourage a home visit for each client we work with. This allows us to see the realities of the home environment and life and ensure we are providing the best strategies and recommendations to you and your family.

Multidisciplinary Consult

Our dedicated team of therapists work hard to ensure we are supporting your child effectively. We will contact your treating therapy team when we start therapy. We will also encourage regular touch bases with the other therapists to ensure we are all working together to support your families.

Occupational therapy intensives

Do you have specific goals you would like addressed in therapy?

  • Life skills
  • Self-care
  • Handwriting
  • Skill mastering (shoelaces/dressing, etc.)
  • Community access
  • High school readiness
  • Specific therapy interventions as suggested by your OT

Therapy Assistant Program

We are lucky to be supported by our team of Occupational Therapy Assistants who are completing their training at the University of Newcastle.  Each of our therapy assistants brings a unique experience and background with them, which we work hard to match with our clients and families to ensure optimal support is provided.

Preschool and school programs

Tailored programs for your students


Please contact us for options regarding workshops


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